Remarkable Suggestions on How to Write a Strong Research Paper

If you are writing a research paper particularly one in any field of science it is important that you follow these steps:

Step 1. Understand your audience. Figure out if the audience will be people who are familiar with your topic or specialized in your field or if they will be a general audience. This is important because it helps you craft the language you use and the structure of your paper. This leads to the second step...

Step 2. Jargon refers to the language used in the field of science which is otherwise unrecognizable to the general public. Jargon might be unrecognizable because it is needlessly difficult or because it is obscure or because it comes from highly technical terminology common to the field of science. If you are writing to deliberately obscure your meaning or to make something needlessly difficult, you should stop and edit your paper. This jargon should be avoided at all costs. It will obscure your meaning and make you sound pretentious. But jargon that embodies technical language from the field is indispensable. As the writer, you can integrate technical terms without explaining them if you know your audience will consist of fellow scientists. You should only use these terms if they are required to explain something. Do not use them if you want to only sound sophisticated. The language surrounding the scientific terminology should be simple.

**Note: The main purpose of using scientific jargon in your paper is for the sake of compression. Consider that the dictionary definition for many of the scientific terms may be two or three sentences in length. Therefore, having to provide this lengthy description would cause your argument to suffer. In these cases, scientific jargon is used as a form of compression which replaces words that are frequently used with a single abbreviation or letter, or replaces a longer two line description with one scientific term.

If your audience is not full of scientists, you can still use scientific jargon to compress your content, but you need to include a definition for a term or name the first time you use it after which you can use the abbreviation.

When writing your scientific paper, always ask if there is a more transparent and simpler way to make your point.

Following these steps will ensure your research paper is well written and perfect for your audience.

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