Tips for College Students: Research Paper Writing Instructions

When you are tasked with writing a research paper you may be in need of some generic research paper writing instructions.

Below you will find tips on selecting your research paper topic as well as conducting proper background research and cultivating a cohesive argument. You can apply these tips for any research paper or other academic paper you are writing in any of your courses.

Finding a great topic about which you have passion is one of the most important steps to writing a good paper. The reason is that working on a research paper will take up a lot of your time and having a topic in which you are interested will make that required time seem like less of a burden. The hours spent dedicated to research and to writing will be enjoyable rather than burdensome. You will take pride in learning more about your subject rather than loathe the process.

When you are working on a research paper it is important that you do the required background work. This means you should:

Remember to start writing down your thoughts and taking notes early on. There is no “right time” to begin your note taking. You don’t have to ignore a related thought that pops into your head or a potential argument until a certain time. You can go for it right now and start your research from that point.

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