What is so difficult about writing sociology term papers

The most difficult part about writing sociology term papers is the first draft and the revisions. Many students fail to recognize the importance of creating a clear and concise argument and as a result they do not create a reverse outline to ensure their paper is well organized. After you write your first draft, you have achieved a great milestone and should take some time to celebrate. But once you are done celebrating this milestone, you should reflect on how your paper might be better organized. To do this you need to use a reverse outline.

A reverse outline is quite simple to do.

  1. Read over your paper and each time you come across a new point, you should sum it up in the margin.
  2. If your paper is well organized then there should be one point in your margin for every paragraph.

  3. Read your points in order to see if they create a coherent argument.
  4. You might find that some of your points repeat themselves throughout the paper. Some might be in the wrong place and others might fail to make an appearance.

Think of these points as the key items you need to make a new and improved outline. Use the new outline to cut or paste sentences into a revised document, where you consolidate the points, eliminate any repetition, and ensure smooth transitions.

The best way to improve your work is to create the reverse outline after your first draft. Then you can revise the document based on style.

Of course, a well planned essay will be better organized than one which was thrown together the night before it was due. It is important to think about your argument and prepare your online before you begin writing at all. Come up with some good ideas before you start writing or add to your list of ideas as you continue writing.

Just sitting down and starting the process might be exactly what you need to let your ideas start flowing. Figure out what works best for you. If you know that you work better after your first draft, then churn it out quickly. If you know that you often fail to spend enough time planning, then create a schedule that forces you to do so.

Remember that too much planning can be just as detrimental to the overall success of your paper as not enough planning.

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