Step-by-step instructions on how to write a research paper for college

Writing research papers is probably the thing that you will spend most time doing at college. Because of this, a great deal of your grading will be determined by these papers. That makes them pretty important! But, it is not easy to write a research paper, particularly if you are new to it, so, how can you go about writing a good quality research paper that will cover the required ground? Follow these simple step-by-step instructions.

  1. Find a Topic
  2. The first essential step is deciding on a wider topic to write on, i.e., if the subject is history, you could decide to focus on 19th century Spanish history. Your choice, at this stage, will determine the rest of your paper, so be very careful deciding.

  3. Find a Thesis
  4. Now that you have decided on a wider field, one that interests you, it is time to decide on a very, very specific aspect of this for your research. In the above example, you might argue that in the field of 19th century Spanish history, you will demonstrate that the political climate prepared the way for later fascist governments.

  5. Research That Thesis
  6. Now you need to spend as much time as possible reading reputable sources, hopefully recommended, at least in part, by your tutor, in order to find references to sources which evidence your claim.

  7. Write a Planned Argument
  8. Now that you have your thesis, and your argument, and your sources, just take a little time to plan, to write an outline of precisely how your argument will be made, what paragraphs will cover what, and how the evidence will be placed within this.

  9. Write Introduction and Conclusion
  10. Spend some time drafting an introduction and a conclusion; these will provide you with a guide, with a starting and ending point. Having these will stop you from going off track.

  11. Simply Fill in the Plan
  12. Now fill in the blanks. Everything you need is already in your plan, so now is when you discuss your sources and make the argument. Simple!

The writing of a research paper is the simple bit, and also the part which comes last; before you can write, you need to put the groundwork of research and planning in place, to ensure that you stick to, and prove, your thesis!

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