The 20 Best World History Term Paper Topic Ideas To Discover

There are plenty of topics you may choose for your History term paper but just a few of them will inspire you deep enough to write an outstanding article. Below, we present a short list of the most interesting headlines.

  1. 1. The World after the Dark Ages and Catholicism. After some centuries of darkness, the Catholic Church helped people to learn.
  2. 2. The Middle Ages. This is one of the most fascinating eras of humankind, as we lived in very different conditions than we currently do.
  3. 3. Western Europe and the Industrial Revolution. Modern era started with the Industrial Revolution that took place in Europe.
  4. 4. World War I: the first quarter of the 20th century. This conflict is usually misunderstood but reveals a lot of information about European one century ago.
  5. 5. The Scientific Revolution. This revolution was the beginning of our current technological advance.
  6. 6. Renaissance. Another fascinating era of History where people reached a very refined status.
  7. 7. European Colonialism Era. The European countries explored the world when they had the means for so doing and discovered that there was much more than they believed out there.
  8. 8. The evolution of China in the last century. How has China been able to become a leading country in economics nowadays?
  9. 9. The Cold War. The war that never took place between USSR and USA.
  10. 10. Gulf War in 1990. Why did this conflict start? Do you know the consequences of the Gulf War?
  11. 11. Afghanistan War: the never-ending conflict. Middle Orient has always been an area in conflict.
  12. 12. Nuclear arms in the world. Nuclear weapons have been highly restricted in many countries but they still exist and remain as a potential threat to everybody.
  13. 13. The evolution of the digital era. Are you aware that Smart phones were developed just a few years ago?
  14. 14. The status of women in the society. There is still a lot to do about equality but women nowadays live in more fairness than before.
  15. 15. Women and science throughout History. There have been some outstanding discoveries by hard-working women. Do you know them?
  16. 16. The beginning of terrorism. The global menace began at some point in the past century.
  17. 17. The 2008 crisis and current worldwide situation. Why was there such a big crisis a few years ago?
  18. 18. Epidemics in History. Do you know the most surprising outbreaks in History?
  19. 19. The rise of human lifespan. Now we live more years than before, are you aware that in the past people lived about 40 years?
  20. 20. The new technologies applied to History. How has the digital era helped historians to carry out their work?

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