A List Of Good College Research Paper Topics To Explore

It is always a good thing when you are a college student, and you have a multitude of possible essay topics you can write on. For many people that is a difficult problem but for some it is easy. In order to help those who struggle with this, I want to write a short list of research papers you can use for college and get good grades from. Below are listed 8 possible topics you could use for a research paper.

  1. The future of science. Right now, there are many revolutions going on in various fields of scientific study. Everything from researching the immortality to bio-enhancement with robotic limbs is a major breakthroughs going on every day in the world of science.
  2. The possibilities of space exploration. For a long time we have not had any major space projects that are of the same caliber as the moon landing and the space stations, but as we speak there are new plans being made in the U.S. and China signaling that they are working on a new space exploration mission for the future.
  3. Income inequality in the U.S.A. A look at the effects of income inequality in the United States would be a good point of research to see how the disparity between different economic classes has negative effects on society.
  4. The rise and fall of the U.S.S.R. Research into the sudden and powerful rise of the Soviet Union and its fall and the causes of its fall alongside the after effects of its collapse and how that influences our world today.
  5. The economy the E.U. Right now one of the biggest problems facing the world economy is the instability of the Eurozone economy and how it is driving large amounts of political problems into the mainstream.
  6. The internet's effects on the world. A look into how the internet has revolutionized the world and changed how people communicate and how business is done in the world.
  7. The problem of violence in the city. A deeper look at violence in urban places checking into the causes and solutions for all the associated problems.
  8. The issues surrounding health care reform. For many people in America, a major source of division is the solution to the many health care coverage issues in the country and what the best solution to deal with them is.

These are but a few of the possible topics for research papers for college though there are countless many more that could be used.

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