Who can help you edit and proofread your research paper

Generally as you write you are proofreading your work at the same time. Your are checking grammar, punctuation and of course you have your spell checker.


  • No matter how much check as you are writing, you miss errors.
  • Your spell checker will decide to put in words that you really did not want.
  • And you may read what you think is there, not what is actually there.

  • Its very difficult to play the part of the reader and not the writer. How many times have you written something and then left it for a few weeks and looked at it again. Did you really miss those errors?

    Generally anyone can help you edit and proof read your research paper. But realistically you need to have someone who knows what they are looking for. Sometimes it not the best idea to have someone proof read your work if have background knowledge to your subject. This means that your work should be explicit and understandable for a non-expert in your subject area.

    You could pay out for someone to professionally proofread your work. It could be an investment, as a genuine proofreader will do a basic proof read and then a deep proofread. Generally this is money well spent.

    However perhaps working with another student you could proofread each others work.

    At the end of the day following editing and proofreading tips, you may be the best person to edit an proofread your research paper.

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