How to Write a Good Thesis Introduction and Luckily Finish the Whole Paper

The thesis statement and introduction are some of the most important parts of an essay. A strong thesis provides the student with a focused, specific topic for research. If the thesis statement is wisely selected, the student will have plenty of research options and an easy time writing the essay. Choosing the right thesis introduction can help writers to complete their paper in record time and receive a strong grade on their essay.

The Qualities of a Good Thesis

A strong thesis provides the paper with a specific direction. It should inform readers about the topics that will be discussed. Each paragraph and section should build upon the thesis by explaining, supporting or arguing the topic. Since the thesis statement requires proof, students have to select a topic that has supporting evidence that is capable of convincing the reader.

Understand the Topic

Too often, students select a wide topic to write about and their thesis is too broad. This makes the paper difficult to write and is overwhelming for the student. The topic selected for the paper should be something that the student knows about or can easily research. Knowing the topic well ensures for a strong thesis.

Brainstorm Ideas

When it comes to writing a thesis, most students encounter a period of writer's block. Selecting a thesis can be one of the most difficult parts of the creative process. Due to this, students should take a piece of paper and just start free-writing. Every idea or connection related to their topic should be written down. After a few minutes, students should review what they have written. They must look for common themes, ideas or connections among the different topics.

Choosing a Limited Topic

As students select a thesis, they should make sure that they pick a limited topic. Unless they are trying to write a book, the topic has to be limited enough to be adequately covered in two to ten thousand words. A narrow scope is ideal for shorter papers while a doctoral thesis can handle a broader scope.

Be Open to Change

For longer essays, students have to be willing to change their thesis. A capstone or final research paper take a significant amount of time to research. As students undergo the research process, they may realize their thesis is wrong or needs to be narrowed down further. Instead of sticking with an incorrect thesis, students should be open to adjustments. Ideally, these adjustments should only occur during the initial part of the research. As the due date approaches, students need to buckle down and focus on finishing the paper.

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