10 Good Topics for a Research Paper in English

The main purpose of a research paper in the subject of English is to show your understanding of how to use the language. Your writing will have to be in keeping with the style of essay you choose whether that be argumentative, persuasive or otherwise. Here are 10 good topics you can consider:

  1. Can time alone ever heal emotional wounds?

    Psychologically the idea of leaving emotional wounds alone may seem irrational but this essay can look into how effective this method may be in certain cases.

  2. Is artificial intelligence the best solution to social injustice?

    The current system of allocating labor places some people firmly at the bottom of the social hierarchy. This essay can look into how the use of ‘smart’ machines can reverse this.

  3. Does the American legal system make suing for damages too simple?

    This topic is self explanatory.

  4. With increasing focus on the promotion of STEM subjects, have the humanities lost their importance in modern society?

    Science, technology, engineering and math are seen as critical parts of the education system but this essay can look at the other subjects being downplayed as a result.

  5. What are the benefits of polyglotism?

    Speaking multiple languages has many benefits which this essay can look into the reasons for.

  6. How has the introduction of smartphone technology influenced the evolution of the English language?

    This essay can explain how smartphone use has altered the way people speak and think in English.

  7. Why are some animals considered pets and others livestock?

    This essay can look into the social and cultural norms that allow some animals to be treated as part of the family while others are part of the meal.

  8. Can dreams be prophetic?

    Previous generations saw dreams as valuable windows into the future or the past and this essay can look into whether those assumptions had any basis in reality.

  9. What is patience?

    This definition essay is fairly straightforward.

  10. Is intolerance learned or innate?

    There have been many cases of bullying, racist and sexist intolerance displayed in very young children who would appear not to have had enough time to develop such traits. This essay can look into whether they were innate or just introduced early by parents or others.

These ten topics are all great starting points for your research paper. With a bit of adjustment to make them match your own interpretations they can all be expanded into great papers.

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