An Academic Tutorial on How to Excel in Selecting Good College Research Paper Topics

If you attend college and work on a major in any topic, your instructors will assign research papers. Creating a good research paper topic is easier said than done. The challenge with creating a research paper topic is in picking a topic that is interesting, has plenty of information to research, and has not been written about too often. Students then need to be able to write a useable thesis or hypothesis about the topic, too. Putting all of these problems together create a challenge that many students are not ready to accept. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to look for research paper ideas so that you can create good topics for your college papers.

Choose an Appropriate Topic

The first thing that you can do is choose a large subject for your research paper. This could be a topic like stem cell research or Shakespeare or the Medieval Period. Once you have decided on a topic for the paper, you will need to figure out how to narrow the topic. This is where students often have the most difficulty, because they are not aware of the variety of subtopics that they can choose. In order to realize your options, you can conduct an online search to see what is available. Hopefully, you will find a subtopic that it interesting to you.

Build Subtopics

Some subtopics for stem cell research include controversies, usage in medicine, cord blood, and religious methodologies. If you are looking for subtopics about Shakespeare, you could always research poetry, plays, words he created, and controversies. The Medieval Period subtopics could include torture, rulers, art, and war.

Create Questions about the Subtopics

Once you establish subtopics, the next step is to create questions about those topics. This is how you then create a hypothesis (if you are writing a scientific paper) or a thesis (if you are writing a paper for a liberal arts course). The best questions usually start with “should” so they can be yes or no questions. The question should not limit the topic too much, but should provide opportunities for clear and concise arguments. Your arguments will be proven through the research you conduct. For example, you could ask:

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