How to Write a Strong Material and Methods Section of a Term Paper

When it comes to writing the material and methods section of the term paper, you are in essence writing the guts of the work. This is the engine room or heart and soul of your term paper. This is the nub of the action.

You all know about the choice of topic and the basic fundamentals of doing sufficient and relevant research, of creating an excellent plan and writing well only to finish with some excellent proofreading and editing. But involved in the heart of your term paper will be the material and methods section.

What makes this section strong?

Your material and methods section must be written in clear and precise language. This is where you are explaining your thesis statement and the raison d'ĂȘtre of your topic. You cannot afford to be wishy-washy in your wording. The reader has been introduced to the topic and your thesis statement. Now you are setting out to explain it and substantiate it. Of course the support information must be genuine and powerful but unless you explain it in clear and precise language you are in trouble.

Whatever you get to explain in your material and methods section will depend largely on what you have stated in your thesis statement. What is the primary thrust of your term paper? What is the point you are setting out to prove? You need to have a strong and well worded thesis statement which will enable you to then create a strong and well worded material and methods section.

Can you justify what you have claimed to be the case? This is a fundamental part of the material and methods section. You may have made a strong claim and worded it well. Now comes the real test. Now comes the time for you to substantiate that claim.

It's really important that you present a full disclosure of all methods you have used in creating your term paper. Where did you get the information? What experiment or experiments did you conduct? Did anyone help you in the creation of these experiments? Who can verify the results you discovered? All of these topics are important and must be listed in detail in the material and methods section of your term paper.

And while it goes without saying that you must stick to the set number of words for your term paper and the deadline date by which it must be finished, it also goes without saying that you must have a clear and easy to follow layout of your term paper. When somebody is reading through the material and methods section, it needs to be crystal clear as far as the layout goes. Use headings or subheadings, use bullet points or different paragraphs but always present the material and methods section in an easy to follow way.

Divide your term paper into parts

Obviously you will do this when creating an outline but it can be of help to look upon different sections of your term paper as mini essays in their own right. Your introduction and conclusion are prime examples of this. But so too is the material and methods section. Does it make sense by itself? Does it work as a mini essay in its own right?

When each section of your term paper is strong and self-supporting, joining them together creates a powerful and potentially high-scoring piece of writing.

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