What Are Some Good Topics for Technology Research Papers: Enjoy These Fresh Ideas

Technology offers an endless supply of great research topics to write about. Technology is ever-advancing – with cell phones and computers getting smaller and processing a lot more information. What was current a year ago is often obsolete today, so you should never run out of interesting things to write about.

Here are 8 fresh ideas for your technology research paper:

  1. Are kids under 12 years of age, growing up in a technologically different world than their older high school or college-aged siblings? How exactly is life different and what are some of the implications, both positive and negative?
  2. In an age dominated by social media, how has the use of it helped create or solve problems in countries outside of modernized nations? For instance, the use of social media in the U.K. is vastly different from its use in countries like Kenya.
  3. There is no denying that technology and information moves fast, so much so that many of the devices we use – software, hardware, mobile phones, computers – experience glitches trying to keep up. Is there a reasonable solution to end this frustration?
  4. What are the overall implications and consequences of the continuous increase of globalization through technologies to international economy? Should we be more cautious about the side-effect that technology has on either the increase of decrease in the wealth gap?
  5. Genetic engineering of children is more of a reality today than it was just a decade ago. What limitations should one have in genetic altering of humans? (e.g., hair color, height, bone density, etc.). Should a new global ethics board be created to monitor this specific subsection of technology and science?
  6. Does the use of digital tools in the work place make us more or less productive overall? For example, calendar tools which are meant to help scheduling and organization are sometimes too complicated for some that they spend more time trying to fix scheduling conflicts than getting work done.
  7. Sequencing human genes is now possible and becoming even more accurate in predicting potential health risks. Is this something that we should do for every human being, as a way to work on preventative measures or work on cures long before the a health condition arises? Are there ethical questions to consider?
  8. With technology making it a lot easier for worker at https://www.writingjobz.com/ to telecommute, should there be more of an effort to make working from home the normative?

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