How To Write A Good Research Paper On Xenophobia: Vital Advice

Writing a good research paper requires that you know your topic. When writing on the topic of xenophobia, the irrational disdain for foreigners, it is important to look at your topic from many perspectives. This helps give balance to your work and eliminate any biased opinions. A sound research paper mitigates elements of bias and provides a clear analysis of the phenomena.

A good research paper must include a problem statement. This statement sets the direction of the research. With direction, you can then explore the problem through your studies. From the problem statement, questions can be developed. These questions guide your studies as you seek to find answers to the stated problem.

An assignment on xenophobia should include many elements as the phobia is based on irrational logic and therefore warrants deep exploration. The best approach for such a topic or any topic that is not based in sound logic is to provide some sort of reasoning for the logic. The only way to explore irrational thought is to put yourself in the shoes of the xenophobe. Ask yourself, why would one become xenophobic? What events could have contributed to this condition? From these questions you can draw hypotheses and use these as a basis of your studies.

For example, if you hypothesize that xenophobia is caused by cultural prejudice, you can focus your studies in the area of the influence of cultural prejudice on xenophobia. If you hypothesize that negative journalism on foreign people contribute to xenophobia, you can focus your studies in the area of the effects of negative journalism on xenophobia.

Maintaining bias-free research is imperative to the soundness and credibility of it. Eliminate bias in your exploration of xenophobia by examining the facts that have been quantified or qualified through prior studies. Explore the findings of others to support your assumptions about the phenomena. Draw conclusions from what others have found and any new knowledge finds that your research has uncovered.

Two of the most important elements of your investigation into xenophobia is an examination of gaps in literature on the subject and recommendations for future investigations. By examining what has not been explored, you can highlight potential gaps in knowledge and develop future areas of exploration on the phenomena that will help bring a greater understanding of why some people have an irrational dislike of people from other countries.

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