How To Write A Psychology Research Paper: Where To Search For Info

It can be quite daunting writing a psychology research paper, the initial step must be to decide on the area of research that you are going to focus on. This area of interest will be decided on through you’re the brief you have been given by y our professor; by your own interests in the subject and your research question or hypothesis.

BUT you will need a starting point. If you have decided on your research question or hypothesis, you may already have an idea of a target paper that you will use for your work. The target paper is a document that you have already identified as the central theme of your research paper. BUT, even if you have already identified a target paper, you will need more than just one paper to successfully argue your theory and substantiate its success.

Finding other documents and paper that will meet your requirements can be an overwhelming task. But you do not have read through a million documents to get the ones you need to support your research paper. All can be achieved by researching ABSTRACTS (overviews) of papers may have the information and details that you require. When you have identified suitable documents in this way you can then read the documents at a more leisurely pace and attend to the details.

Finding Suitable Abstracts


But how do you find the right Abstracts in order to make decisions?

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