7 Winning Psychology Topics for Your Research Paper

Psychology is an academic discipline that studies human’s mental functions and behaviors. The goal is to learn how the human brain works and find ways to help individuals overcome mental deficiencies. The topics that are discussed in psychology deal with how individuals handle certain stimuli in their environment. The study of psychology is vast and therefore, it is not always easy to find a winning topic to discuss for your research paper.

Choosing a topic that is concentrated enough to thoroughly study the whole area is essential. However, if the topic is too concentrated, it may not have enough information available to write an essay on it. Let’s look at seven interesting topics that are both concentrated enough to research a vast majority of information about to develop a solid paper but not too narrow that you will have to fill your paper with “fluff” to meet length requirements.

  1. Addictions: An addiction occurs when the body becomes dependent on a drug or substance. There are many things that an individual may become addicted to. It is a huge issue in our society as individuals lose jobs, loved ones, and even their lives to avoid the psychological or physical withdrawal symptoms when they do not have the substance that they are addicted to.
  2. ADHD: There are more and more cases of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder reported every day in America. This behavioral condition makes it hard for individuals to focus on everyday tasks and can lead to violent outbreaks and depression for both the individual and the other people in the individual’s life.
  3. Depression: Depression is a problem for many individuals who lose interest in everyday life. It is extreme sadness that can manifest itself into sleeping disorders, lack of energy, suicidal tendencies, or laziness.
  4. PTSD: Post traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety issue that develops in some individuals after they have experienced a traumatic event. It causes them to sometimes relive the same feelings of fear even after the danger is gone. It can lead to intense feelings and can disrupt an individual’s daily life.
  5. Alzheimer’s: Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease start to gradually lose their memory, intellect, and even their personality. They may live in the past and not be able to function in their present lives or forget how to care for themselves.
  6. Obesity: An obese individual is one that has excessive body fat. This is a huge issue in America today because a large portion of the population is considered to be obese. Obese individuals have to worry about diseases like diabetes. They also may have heart problems due to the excessive amount of body weight.
  7. Schizophrenia: Schizophrenia is a very severe mental illness. Individuals who are schizophrenic may have bizarre speech patterns, hallucinations, or illogical thoughts.

These topics can all be used to write winning psychology research papers. They are concentrated enough for you to have just the right amount of information to write a solid paper and to understand the concept as a whole.

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