What to Do if You Need to Write a Research Paper in an Hour

Well the short answer to this particular problem could easily be panic. One wonders why you would ever be in a situation where you had to write a research paper in an hour. It would be highly unreasonable of your teacher or professor to land you with an assignment with such a short timeframe. The obvious position would be that you had plenty of time to do it and you procrastinated and now suddenly find yourself up against it.

There is a saying that Needs must when the devil drives. In short, it means that necessity compels. You have to do a particular job; you have no choice, so get on with it. The simplest way to be successful in this situation is to have a plan.

Because there is such a short time frame, you do not have any time to waste. But even so without a clear understanding of the topic you are to write your research paper on, you will struggle. It is better to take a few minutes pondering the meaning of the topic so that one single idea is firmly fixed in your brain.

From this single idea will come your thesis statement. Make this as short as possible. Now, from this single sentence, create two or three main points to discuss, develop and substantiate your thesis statement. One main point goes into each paragraph. On your plan, list the main point for each paragraph and under it any minor points which are related to the main point.

Now is the time for speed. Now is the time to write as quickly as possible. This is your first draft. You’re not interested in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Simply get your thoughts down on paper according to the plan you have created. Once that has been completed, stand up and walk away. You need to take a mini break or breaks within these 60 minutes to help refresh and revive your thinking.

Now you go back to your first draft and you make the necessary corrections to spelling etc. as well as tidying up loose writing or repetition. If you have this plan and stick to it, you can achieve your goal.

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