How Not To Ruin Your Term Paper With A Badly Written Title Page

The title page is the simplest part of your term paper but it does not mean that it can be neglected. You need to be very careful not to make a mistake in the first page of your work because it can ruin the readers’ first impression about your paper. If you do not want to be considered as a poor writer you should know how to do a title page in a proper way. The following tips helped me to write my paper.

  1. 1.Make sure that you follow all the requirements.
  2. There are some approved standards used for the cover pages. However, the formatting and style requirements may differ significantly even among the departments of the same university, to say nothing of different educational institutions. Therefore, you need to specify them with your professor to avoid confusion.

  3. 2. Do not forget about any important element of the title page.
  4. According to a particular style the number and placement of the component may change. In most cases they are the following:

    • - The title;
    • - Personal details;
    • - The page number;
    • - The running head.
  5. 3. Note that the title page and the paper should be of the same format.
  6. Your cover page cannot be made, for example, in MLA style while the rest of the paper is written in APA format. If you do so, you will need to remake it because it is a rude mistake. Additionally, all elements should be written in the same size and font without using bold, italics, underlining or strikethrough words.

  7. 4.Place the title on the cover page.
  8. The essential part of the title page is the full title of your term paper. It should be centered in the upper half of the page. The maximum size does not exceed 12 words. The first letter of each major word is capitalized.

  9. 5.Specify the personal details.
  10. They can be found at the bottom of the page. Personal details usually include your name, the name of your institution and paper submission date.

  11. 6. Format the running head properly.
  12. It is placed in the upper corner and starts with the label “Running head”. All letters are capitalized and should not exceed 50 characters.

  13. 7.Make special number for the cover page.
  14. The page number is placed in the header of the title page at a particular distance from the running header. Both these components will appear throughout your paper, though the running head must be left justified and the page number should be right justified.

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