How to Create an Excellent Title Page for Your Term Paper

When writing a term paper, the actual content of the paper itself is the most time consuming and the most important part. However, that does not mean that the simpler things can be neglected. Consider the title page. The title page is not what you are spending the majority of your effort on, but it is nevertheless important. People often notice the few small things you neglect rather than all the work you put in, so the last little bit of effort is really important. So really, make sure that you put the right amount of work in to having an excellent title page for your term paper.

The first, and most important part of you title page is the title itself. It does bode well to take the time to choose a good title. The thing about titles is that must be succinct, but also interesting enough to grab a reader and describe what exactly they are going to be reading about. It is often best to model your title off your thesis statement. For example, your thesis statement could be an answer to a question, and that question is your title. Alternatively, you may go a different route, and your title may be the effect that you are studying or describing to your reader. Alternatively, if your term paper is studying the relationship between two things, state that relationship.

Now that you have gotten the title, it is out of the way, there is still more work to be done. The title page has to be formatted correctly. This is going to depend a bit on the format, and for some classes the teacher will have a specific format that they want you to follow. This preference overrides any other advice you might find! However, there are some near universal standards that might help you.

For example, consider how a title page should be in APA format. Everything on the title page should be the same font as your paper proper, with no bolding or other distracting elements. This is often 12 point times new roman font. On the top of your paper is the running head, a shortened version of your title no more than 50 characters, all caps. In the center of your paper, centered of course, is your title, then the names of all your authors, then the University or school you are writing the paper for.

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