A List Of Good Topics For Philosophy Research Papers For High School

How to write a Philosophy paper?

Some students find it very difficult to write a philosophy research paper because it is different from writing research papers for other classes.  The main difference between philosophy research papers and other research papers is that a philosophy paper involves evaluation and exposition.  With the expository portion of the philosophy paper, the student must discuss the argument or point of view being considered.  With the evaluation portion of the philosophy paper, the student must discuss his or her own philosophical viewpoint on the topic.

Here are the steps to follow to write a good philosophy research paper:

What are some good topics for a philosophy research paper?

Normally, your philosophy teacher will provide one with the topic for their research paper. But, most of the time the philosophy teacher will provide the student with a list of topics to select from to do their research paper on. Also, the student may be allowed to choose their own topic for the philosophy research paper, as long as, it is within the parameters of the syllabus for the class.

Here are a few topics to consider for a philosophy research paper:

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