17 Best Research Paper Topics About Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the US of A. He was also one of the creators of the declaration of Independence. Thus, his contribution cannot be marginalized in the creation of the sole current superpower of the world.

Here are 17 intrusive research topics on the life of Thomas Jefferson for your reference –

  1. A research work on the factors that made him triumphant against Burr for Presidency
  2. A fervent study into Jefferson’s private life and how it affected his perspectives
  3. Shed light on the intelligentsia of Jefferson; how he charted different waters
  4. Enlighten readers on Jefferson’s relation with Washington
  5. Sketch the occasions on which Jefferson stood for the oppressed
  6. Enquire into his dichotomous stand on slavery at home and in general; his relation with Sally Hemings
  7. Analyze how successful Jefferson would have been in today’s time when there are fewer restrictions
  8. Establish Jefferson’s view of the significance of Declaration of Independence
  9. Tweak in the factors that eventually led to the founding of Democratic Party
  10. Establish Jefferson’s liberal measures in different streams of the Government
  11. Take us through the sequential progression of Jefferson; both as a politician and a human being
  12. Denote the problems Jefferson faced in Virginia and how it changed him as a politician
  13. How Jefferson tackled the issue of national debt through his life
  14. Asses the limitations of the psyche that the times encumbered on Jefferson
  15. Take a tour through The Barbary War and Jefferson’s other brushes with military pursuits
  16. Explain the many shrewd decisions Jefferson took and how it affected the eventual fate of USA
  17. Establish Jefferson’s contribution to the world of academia

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