How To Write A Research Paper On Feminism In Literature: Tips To Take Into Account

In today’s world, it is hard to imagine a lifestyle that excludes female rights. Of course, we are all aware that some issues with feminism are present even in this present time. There are certain countries that have not yet set out the rules for a life with equal standards.

The life of a woman used to be a challenging venture filled with uphill battles. There were no options for a different approach to life or unique perception of duties. Responsibilities of a wife and a mother inside of her home were considered as peaks and highlights of her possibilities. Education was an issue as well – no one thought that a woman needs to know more about life.

Modern times have awoken new concepts and ideas in order to change everything about the inequality of the genders. Feminism became the rebellious and persistent source that created a revolution in thinking. Famous English writers of the 19th century, the Bronte sisters, were considered to be the first successful female authors that wrote about women’s rights.

Writing a research paper about feminism is quite a difficult task, but it is also a rewarding venture into history. With that in mind, we have constructed a list of important and interesting tips that might do the trick and inspire your work.

  1. Start from the basics – define feminism as a movement that raised unprecedented attention of the public. Explore the general perceptions about female rights and their long term possibilities.

  2. Illuminate the lives and contributions of first female leaders of the 19th and 20th century.

    • German singer and actress Marlene Dietrich had a “male attitude” during her carrier. She wore pants, a clothing item reserved for a man’s world.

    • Coretta Scott King, the widow of Martin Luther King Jr. devoted her life to the Civil rights movement and the female right to vote.

    • Diana, Princess of Wales (Diana Spencer) was a different kind of a royalty. She was a devoted mother, a true humanitarian and a person who thought that gender and social equality standards are crucial aspects of the future.

    • Maya Angelou had a kind word for every woman that lived a life filled with discrimination, violence and poverty.

  3. Compare the dreams of feminists from history with the reality of everyday life of a modern woman.

  4. Emancipation brought a lot of advantages, but there are some discrepancies and disadvantage that we need to analyze.

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