Up-to-date Technology Topics for a Research Paper

A research paper on technology is a great way to improve not only research writing skills, but to expand general knowledge by writing about something that appeals to you. Technology changes every second and hundreds of new devices appear every day. Dozens of technological innovations become part and parcel of our lives. Writing research on modern technology is writing about something that is relevant to modern society. No other area of research can be more up-to-date.

The following topics for technology research papers can show the diversity of possible research areas:

  1. Are the children of the digital era smarter than the previous generation?

    Examine the influence of modern technology on a child’s physical and mental development. Compare the results of SATs taken by two generations.

  2. Should lesson formats be changed to reflect the influence of modern technology?

    Compare and contrast course lessons that are taught with and without modern digital devices. Dwell on the advantages and disadvantages you discover.

  3. Should third world countries be given access to nuclear weapons?

    Study the most recent war conflicts in the world. Analyze possible developments in the international atmosphere if these countries get access to the newest weapons.

  4. How social network interaction affects student-teacher relationships.

    Explore the most popular types of social networks. Dwell on the changes they can make in interactions between students and teachers. Organize a poll; analyze the results.

  5. Can iPhone 6 improve family relations?

    Examine the changes in family life brought out by the latest communication devices; discover whether they are positive or negative.

  6. What human peculiarities should not be investigated by the newest research methods?

    Define religious, social, and racial restrictions on the study of human beings.

  7. Are there more mental illnesses caused by computer games now than ever before?

    Explore the influence of computer games on human psychology. Define what should be done to avoid the negative influences.

  8. Are Jehovah's Witnesses allowed to use reproductive technologies?

    Examine the advantages of such technologies, and the limits of their use in this religious group.

  9. Is it ethical to use animal cells when treating people?

    Explore the possibilities such technologies provide, and correlate the practical and ethical aspects.

  10. Should governments get access to user data through social networks?

    Dwell on the latest surveillance scandals. Reveal the ethical angle of these problems.

After the topic of the research paper is chosen, it is time to study its history, prospects, and influence on human society.

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