Great Term Paper Topics For Common College Subjects

A topic is one of the most critical things about any academic assignment. This decides the overall direction and scope of your project. If the topic of your paper is not interesting or original then your readers will not prefer reading the rest of your paper. Professional writers use different strategies to hook the audience in their paper. This involves numeric figures, interesting facts, benefits you will get out of the paper, question statements, surprising elements and precise information. You need to build curiosity for the reader and give him something to linger on to. It is important for your topic to be narrow enough so that you can address it properly and broad enough to cover your subject. Students may spend more time on choosing a topic than they expected because this involves brainstorming, analysis and elimination. When you have a strong topic to start your term paper, the rest becomes easier.

If you or your friends are having a hard time choosing a great topic for their term paper, then they consider the following ideas, remember that these are only sample topic suggestions and should not be used as is in your paper. You need to edit and rephrase these topics to create your own

Term paper topics for college students

  1. 1. The concept of human zoos in the past is a shame to the humanity and human rights
  2. 2. Racism and religious biasness gives rise to extremism and intolerance
  3. 3. War can have adverse effects on the economy apart from those that are considered
  4. 4. The civil rights movement was one of the major political setbacks in the history of America
  5. 5. Students need to have enough free time to develop their learning and creativity
  6. 6. Certain foods can trigger creativity and accelerate the cognitive thinking process in humans
  7. 7. A child learns not what he hears but what he sees
  8. 8. The relationship between pricing, packaging, promotion and placement in order to create a strong marketing strategy
  9. 9. The need of digital marketing for a product is as important as electronic and print marketing
  10. 10. Technology itself is not good or bad, it is the usage which decides the effectiveness of a certain tool
  11. 11. Self-discipline and self-acknowledgement are rare qualities
  12. 12. Domestic violence and abuse can have far reaching effects on young minds
  13. 13. Sport celebrities are paid higher than they deserve

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