How to Revise Your Research Paper in a Proper Way 

For you to become a good writer, you will be required to have excellent writing skills. More importantly, the best writers are those that constantly revise their work. Even professional writers do revise their work numerous times to make sure it is free from grammatical errors. Hence, if it is a common thing for skilled writers, then beginning and intermediate writers ought to revise their texts as well. In fact, one of the ways to improve your writing is by continuously revising your work. When it comes to revision, they are quite a few stages. The very first thing to reflect on is the objective of revision – remember you are writing to communicate something. For you to communicate efficiently, you can follow these few guidelines while revising your work. 

  1. It is not of necessity to include everything.
  2. It is recommendable to include a thesis, particularly when writing an academic research paper. Generally, a thesis is the answer you will give to your question (which is researched). Additionally, it can be your researched or reasoned stand on a controversial topic.
  3. Include citation of sources, clear translations and markers, so that readers are able to follow your line of thoughts – critique, argument, analysis.
  4. Your research should include the major highlights and points.
  5. Whereas it is possible to organize your paragraphs in a systematic manner, the paragraphs may not be perfectly positioned. Your research paper ought to have a good flow; hence the logical points in your paper should follow a methodical order.
  6. Proofread your work to evaluate if you have confused words. Even the most talented writers do confuse some words such as effect/affect, who’s/whose, and accept/except.
  7. Each of your main points should be supported by empirical evidence, which can be explanations, logical reasoning, data or your own arguments. Alternatively, it can be supported by evidence, theories and arguments from other credible sources.
  8. Evaluate whether your research paper fits the assignment you were given. Ensure that you do not veer off to a different direction. That is, as you revise your draft, verify that whatever you have included in your research paper answers the assignment question.

Revision does not only improve your writing, but also it gives it new life. The first phase entails proofreading your draft in order to reorganize the major and supporting ideas. This ensures that your ideas are grouped in a manner that your readers can understand.   


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