Composing Your Own Research Paper Topics In Sociology

Sociology is discipline that offers a number of subjects to of study and opportunities to write great research papers on. The key to composing great research paper topics is to apply your own sociological imagination to develop questions that are worth answering. If you’re tasked with composing your own research paper topic don’t wait a week before your paper is due.

Here’s a list of some great sociology topics to get you started, but remember that you aren’t limited in any way to just these. Choose any social phenomena you like and approach it using all of the tools and resources you’ve picked up in your study. You’ll find that asking yourself a few questions should produce a number of great topics to write about.

Culture and Socialization:

This area of sociology focuses on how different individuals within different cultures are socialized to behave in a certain way that is acceptable within that culture. For instance, in many primitive societies children are taken on hunting expeditions by the time they are 8 or 9 years old, while in many Western civilizations children don’t begin “work” until they are about 16 or 17 years old.

Gender and Sexuality:

This is a topic that grows wider each day as different societies redefine and broaden definitions of gender identity and sexual identity, and how each of these affects both individual and group behavior within a society. Some possible questions or areas for research could be whether the general argument that gender is learned while sexuality is biological is still an accurate definition? Or how gender roles have affected men and women’s behavior across different decades?

Age and Culture:

Most people study the subject of aging in terms of the elderly, leaving a broad area of study that focuses on aging in terms of children to pre-teen, pre-teen to teenager and so forth. What issues about aging arise in these younger age groups? How do perceptions about getting older affect an individual within one of these age groups? Are they aware of aging or is the concept still largely abstract?

Race and Ethnicity:

This area of sociology involves studies of diversity, majority and minority groups, ethnic and racial identity, and issues regarding discrimination or prejudice. Largely, these subjects can be studied from political and biological perspectives as well, but there will always be an underlying sociological reason for the way we view race and ethnicity. This broad area of study lends itself to a multitude of topics and can be a great place to conduct research.

Marriage and Family:

This area encompasses everything from marriage, romantic relationships, platonic relationships, dating and much more. Each topic can be broken into several sub-topics when you add factors such as family or child-rearing. A possible and current research topic may be: how has online dating changed the face of the single parent? What dating trends can we expect to continue into the next decade?

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