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Research themes for oceanography must provide improvised, fundamental and scientific understanding, monitor data collection and information management. It must assess the impact of human activities and reflect interest in bringing about global change on ocean inclusive of climate change, acidification and nutrient loading. For global chain, knowledge of arctic water, deep water, and marine bio diversity is important. The research questions, problems must inform decision making in multi levels and root for development or coordinated strategy by researchers and policy makers.

Ocean Science

Ocean is a key feature of country’s culture, environment, public health and economy. They are integral to culture of aboriginal people and coastal communities. There is greater dependency on ocean for supply of food, mineral resources, transportation, employment in oceanic industries, recreation etc. Oceanic industries employ a huge population and contribute to the overall GDP of the country every year.

A healthy ocean contributes to many global cycles essential for living. Dependence on ocean is growing even more in the wake of global change like climate change, acidification, overfishing, pollution, resource extraction, oceanic sciences including study of atmospheric circulation changes, climate, water, carbon and nitrogen cycle, sea ice changes, sea level changes, biological diversity, food webs, health, fishing, pollution, and changes due to human civilization, economy, population, energy, usage of resource, transport, development, communication, urbanization, land use, and globalization. Although knowledge on ocean has developed, but certain process area are under evaluated like role of microbial life and biodiversity, interaction between biological, physical and chemical process in ocean, sea floor and atmosphere have not been researched in Ocean science.

Some research problems for oceanic research:

  1. Process affecting sea ice change in ocean. Time horizon for seasonally ice free ocean climatic, bio- geochemical, ecological, socio economic, cultural and geo political impact of seasonal disappearance of sea ice.
  2. Effect of climate change on bio geo chemical cycles in ocean( Carbon, nutrients, essential elements and contaminants)
  3. Spatial extent, frequency and risk of marine hazards affecting coastal waters for example hydrate triggered landslides, tsunami, earthquakes, extreme storm events etc) and need for better forecasting of such hazards.
  4. Ocean functions under past climate and use of paleo oceanographic records to predict its future states
  5. Changes in species interactions and effect on food web structure within and across ecosystems
  6. Long term trends in 3 dimensional distributions of key variables( Temperature, bio mass, oxygen saturation, salinity, carbon system and sea level change on oceans
  7. Effect of extractive industries, tourism, fishing, traditional use on environmental and social impacts, navigation, benefits and risks of impacts etc.
  8. Impact of plastic nano materials and synthetic waste disposal on oceans through industries.

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