Essential Tips On Research Paper Writing: How To Avoid Plagiarism

Writing research papers can be challenging and one often does not know where to start. It helps to read previously completed pieces from other researchers in similar fields but then the problem of plagiarism arises. How do you prevent yourself from falling into this trap and what does it even mean? There are many definitions but they all follow similar concepts. Here are 5 tips to keep you on the right track.

  1. 1. Use a broad expanse of sources for your assignment
  2. When seeking data a good practice is to use as many different sources as possible. Thorough work is good work and it lessens the possibly that anything you write will come from one location. With so much different data on any subject matter, it will be much easier to write a piece completely different from any one sample.

  3. 2. Develop your own unique understanding of the subject
  4. You have all your required data, now its time to write. Instead of constantly referencing external sources, you can develop a thorough familiarity with your research and gain your own unique understanding. You can then write it all from your head, it may need some cleaning up and better organizing when you’re done, but the finished product should be entirely yours, deserving of your own citation.

  5. 3. Do actual research experiments or gather data at the source
  6. Nothing can be more original than someone studying the actual data, be it through a site visit or by performing their own experiment, and collecting and assessing their self gathered data. If possible, this is indeed the best way to avoid plagiarism since you wont be looking at anyone’s paper at all.

  7. 4. Make sure quotes are accurate and done correctly
  8. A lot of good research has been done and being required to quote someone else in your work is sometimes unavoidable. Quotes should be short and relevant and it is of utmost importance to always quote accurately. A misquote can create negative attention which must be avoided.

  9. 5. Have a thorough reference page
  10. A reference page should be included in any research that uses information or data from any published source and contains specific information. Just like quoting, it is absolutely necessary to get it right. The names of cited authors, published date and names of their publications, as well as the source it was obtained from are all contained in the reference section.

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